About U s

The MAD fragrant notes I designed will are a new revolution invitation to focus on the deepest soul of perfumes creativity, explore a raw material or share with you my insider vision of the perfumer’s world.

Led by Abdulla AL Harmoodi, the MAD perfumes best expression finds its place in the olfactory. The first gallery will be open in Abu Dhabi last quarter of 2019. In this unique gallery, all the fragrances of MAD perfume discovered in the charming madness surroundings where imagination and soul will enjoy a madness romance warmth and absolute freedom. The uniqueness of the MAD’s identity represented by the madness olfactory gallery where the art of music, cinema, and traditional heritage of romance can be discovered through the sense of smell, stimulated with special olfactory installations.

The fragrances, created with the most refined raw materials,
communicate modern authentic luxury. Different types of olfactory desires can be met by the artistic creations; may them be the reconnection with an old sublimation, seduction and new, latent emotions. All products made using the finest technology and techniques of haute perfumery.

At MAD Perfumery, we select the finest Aromatic oils and Alcohol to refined balance between madness passion and innovation to emerge the romantic mistress desire.
All this translates into a real ritual, which makes MAD’s fragrances extremely wearable scents in four seasons of modern life.

Abdulla AL Harmoodi concern on product quality is also attention to detail: Modern elegant colored-bottled, translate to a mysterious romantic passion title and Modern pumps sprinkling mysteries love, render the products of MAD appreciated throughout cultures, positioning the brand in the luxury sector.

Our Vision

Our vision is to have our fine fragrance in every household, ceremony and to be the leading perfume production business in Abu Dhabi, the whole United Arab Emirates, and in extension the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that we produce fragrances that not only exceed our domestic customer’s expectations but beyond their imagination also intrigue the senses of our business customers and make them strive to build a sustainable relationship with us.


The company attending to collaborates with leading exhibitions, interpreting evoked olfactory appearances in famous works of art and education to spread the knowledge among the people. In addition, MAD Perfumery attending to collaborates with UAE Red Crescent and World Relief International Organization to provide financial assistance at 1% of the company sells profit.
MAD PERFUMERY attended several wedding ceremonies to supply the guests table with a charming scene of perfume with an elegant touch of our designer Inspired by the artwork surrounding the wedding hall to give a mixture of happiness and joy to the attendees.

MAD Perfumery attended SME EXPO in Abu Dhabi as part of National Program to build a hub network in UAE & participate in international exhibitions to present the romantic heritage of fragrance notes to the world.